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Meet the amazing performers of the
Super American Circus


Legendary Producer Tuffy Nicholas

Tuffy is the son of Count Nicholas, the world-acclaimed Ringmaster, who performed for Ringling Brothers Circus for nearly three decades and was inducted into the Circus Ring of Fame in 2016.


  For over 35 years, Tuffy has been a successful producer and promoter of Circuses, Concerts, Festivals, and Sporting Events around the world. Since 2000, as president and CEO of Global Entertainment Productions, Mr. Nicholas has produced over 5000 performances around the world.


Moscow State Circus, Modern American Circus, International All-Star Circus are just a few of Mr. Nicholas's productions. In 2005, he produced Cirque Hawaii, a multi-million-dollar, state-of-the-art, permanent theatrical spectacular that showcased the award-winning talent of over 35 performers from around the world and thrilled Hawaiian audiences. This past winter, he brought The Super American Circus to the Philippines to create one of the biggest shows the country has ever seen and is responsible for Guam’s permanent Super American Circus show currently running at the Pacific Island Club. Mr. Nicholas is thrilled to bring the Super American Circus to Bermuda.

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