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"I'm not from a circus family but I love the Circus with all my heart"

When I was a little girl, I saw a circus movie and suddenly, a beautiful trapeze artist was flying and I said… “I want to fly like her!”
Working professionally in a circus seemed like an impossible dream for me so I experimented other arts, Studying Visual Arts, Dancing and a lot of practice eventually brought me closer to the Circus.

I finally had the opportunity to work at Circo Atayde Hermanos! The first time I stepped in a circus ring and flew over the crowd, under the big tent… I said,  I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE HERE!!!  I literally abandoned everything and ran away with the circus!!!

I changed my life to live between lights, sequins, shine and glitter, to fly in the magic of the circus and I've been the happiest girl in the world ever since.

Adry Paniagua 


The Drozdov Troupe was created on the basis of acrobatic artists, former champions of their countries in gymnastics, acrobatics, and diving. They are "Masters of Sports" in diving and champions of the Republic of Belarus. Each of them is a master of his craft,  all their tricks are performed at a high international level. The Drozdov Troupe worked
with many circuses over the years and have also been featured for events such as:
-Band Festival on Red Square, Moscow 
-Act winner of the "Grand Prix" of the festival "Master"
Laureates of the International Festival of Circus Arts in Monte Carlo
- Took part in the opening of the-Olympic Games, Sochi '14
- Winners of the "Silver Lion" at the International Acrobatic Arts Festival in Wuchao, China.
-The international festival "Spasskaya Tower" in Moscow.


 The Drozdov Troupe! 

Alexey,  Mikhail Drozdov and Ilya Alikov 

Mario is a 4th generation circus performer, born in Altoona PA. Trained at a very young age by his father Martin Espana, a respected circus performer and producer, Mario displayed exceptional aerial awareness for the flying trapeze and trampoline. Once  he reached his teen years, Mario demonstrated further abilities performing on the Wheel of Destiny, Extreme Swing  and Sky Bike. Even though he excelled in these acts, which require considerable skill, Mario's true talent began to shine when people noticed how those around him always appeared to crack a smile surprising family, friends and audience members with impromptu humor and funny twists.

Mario has performed for countless audiences around the Globe, establishing himself in the entertainment world as a well- rounded  and versatile performer!

Mario Espana

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Vivien Von Son


 My beginnings were in 2011 at the MAGIC CIRCUS INTERNATIONAL, a circus in which my mother dedicated herself as a seamstress, I accompanied her every day to work and I was very struck by the magic of the circus, I had the opportunity to learn comedy and make my first presentation as a clown, I continued to explore more wonderful skills in the circus until I got a chance to learn The Globe Of Danger! Something about the adrenaline of riding a motorcycle in a giant globe of steel is what I am most passionate about, at one point I was skilled in riding with 6 other riders at the same time, an act in which I am recognized internationally, I also have other skills in the circus field that would help the new generations to be interested in this life of magic and wonder such as that of the circus...

Yefferson Morillo


My beginnings were in 2012 when they did a casting of dancers at the royal stars circus and I was selected, after a month of rehearsals I started working after two years dancing I began to be interested in circus life and I began to practice aerial lyra then I was hired by the international magic circus and I continued with my artistic life working as a dancer, choreographer and aerial lyra to this day.

Arlennys Beiza

Always had a passion for dance and the performing , arts since a young age she developed skills in acting, dance and fire manipulation, that got her in TV shows, corporate events, and dance competitions all over the country.

In 2008 she moved to Hawai'i and attended the evening performance of Cirque Hawai'i produced by Tuffy Nicholas and fell in love with the show, after a casting call she began a training program with the cast that took her on her first circus debute in Guam  in 2008 performing with The Moscow State Circus, after that experience she knew her life was on the circus ring.

Touring the United States she began training and acquired new skills in other circus traits on and off the stage.

Since then she has traveled the world doing what she loves.

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Luxor Jugglers


The Luxor Jugglers is a team of incredible talented individuals that combined their passion for juggling and diverse talents to create a unique and incredible  Most recently participants of the special event "The Circus" in St. Petersburg.
-Winners of the 1st International Virtual Juggling Competition, July 2021
-Performed in the prestigious Circus Roncalli, Germany 2019
-Took part in the play "The Girl & The Elephant" by Rosgos Circus, 2020
Currently in The Great Moscow Circus until they make their first appearance in Guam! You DO NOT want to miss the chance to see them LIVE! you wont believe your eyes!


Zoey Espana

Our mini Ringmistress is a 5th generation circus performer, this 7 year old started presenting his Dad act at only 4 years old!

She loves traveling with the circus and practice new acts!


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