Mario Espana

Wheel of Danger/Clown

Mario is a 4th generation circus performer, born in Altoona PA. Trained at a very young age by his father Martin Espana, a respected circus performer and producer, Mario displayed exceptional aerial awareness for the flying trapeze and trampoline. Once  he reached his teen years, Mario demonstrated further abilities performing on the Wheel of Destiny, Extreme Swing  and Sky Bike. Even though he excelled in these acts, which require considerable skill, Mario's true talent began to shine when people noticed how those around him always appeared to crack a smile surprising family, friends and audience members with impromptu humor and funny twists.

Mario has performed for countless audiences around the Globe, establishing himself in the entertainment world as a well- rounded  and versatile performer!

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Elaine Alcorn


Elaine Alcorn has had the privilege to have a full career with many exciting adventures. She graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. National tour credits include "Anything Goes", "Sesame Street Live", "Ringling Bro Barnum and Baily Circus" and "Ultimate Elvis Live". Internationally Elaine has played for audiences all over the world headlining as the magician on cruise ships and tap dancing her way to Japan at Tokyo Disney Sea. The circus train dropped Elaine off in Las Vegas where she danced as a showgirl in "Show in the Sky","ICandy", "Ignite" and "Dream Angels". It was there she began to create and develop her own circus acts, designing props and magic tricks. She was thrilled to be introduced to Mr. Nicholas Cornell (Tuffy) and join the Super American Circus where she loves performing, choreographing and creatively directing the performances. 

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Ashley Winn

Hula Hoop/ Aerialist

  Ashley,known as the youngest hula hoop sensation, was born in Duluth Minnesota.  She received her first hula hoop at the age of four.  Without the assistance of any instructor, Ashely was able to develop and mold her talents. She has trained numerous routines and skills- one of which she can use as many as fifty hula hoops in invariable motion around her body.

With her many talents, she is the two-time gold medal champion at the prestigious Sarasota Circus Festival.  Professional hula hoop performer Ashley Winn represents the 8th generation of famed performers and aerialists in her family.  She produces and displays her talents that feature defined hula hoop tricks with unique and captivating presentations.  Apart from her hula hoop presentations, she also performs extensively on multiple aerial apparatuses.

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Brando Anastasini

Wire Walker

Brando Anastasini is a ninth generation circus performer. His Wire Walking career start with his grandfather (Renato Anastasini) practicing at only 5 years old. Seeing his potential, Renato gifted Brando his very own wire walking equipment. Brando immediately advanced in this skill. Acquiring perfect balance and control on an 11 millimeter steel cable. At 10 years old he began to perform in the ring and has left audiences cheering over the United States.

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Vivien Von Son

Aerial Hammock

Born and raised in Mexico, She always had a passion for dance and the performing arts since a young age she developed skills in acting, dance and fire manipulation, that got her in TV shows, corporate events, and dance competitions all over the country.

In 2008 she moved to Hawai'i and attended the evening performance of Cirque Hawai'i produced by Tuffy Nicholas and fell in love with the show, after a casting call she began a training program with the cast that took her on her first circus debute in Guam performing with The Moscow State Circus, after that experience she knew her life was on the circus ring.

Touring the United States she began training and acquired new skills in other circus traits on and off the stage.

Since then she has traveled the world doing what she loves.

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Zoey Espana


Zoey is a 5th generation Circus Performer, this 6 years old started presenting her Dad's act at 4 years old, she loves traveling with the circus and practice new acts.


Montana DeBor


Montana DeBor is an aerialist and violinist. Originally from Washington, DC she’s performed internationally, at the White House, created circus shows for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival & toured with Natural Movement Bermuda and Clowns Without Borders. This is Montana’s third tour with Super American Circus, she is thrilled and honored to be part of such a wonderful team’

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Rob Hatcher


Born in Cincinnati , Ohio Began singing at the age of 5 Plays piano, organ, drums. Bilingual (Spanish) Writes & Produces music & theatrical productions Attended Ohio Center for Broadcasting & Communication, Central State University, & The University of Cincinnati Musical Director for various churches & college choirs Performed with the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra 2004 Finalists in Showtime At The Apollo2004 Semi-Finalists Big Brother 2004 Appearance on the Ricki Lake show 2006 Season 6 Hollywood round contestant on American Idol-Top 30 of the guys 2007 Season 2 Americas Got Talent Contestant Top 8 2007 Headline singer at the Apollo Theater (New York) 2007 Toured Branson, Mo with Top ten finalists (Americas Got Talent) Performed Internationally in Guyana @ the National Cultural Center. Starred in the International Broadway Play "FANTISSIMA" as the lead role.(Cologne,Germany Sept 12-June27,2009) Featured on the Style Network hit show, "Who's Wedding Is It Anyway" (2009) Top 20 Contestant for Season 3 Sunday Best on BET Network.After gaining a spot on Sunday Best Robert became the first person in the WORLD to appear on 3 singing competition shows on 3 different networks.  He also will be featured in the European Broadway (GERMANY) show PALAZZO as lead singer October 2010- February 2011. Featured articles in USA today, Cincinnati Herald, & Cincinnati Enquirer--- Quotes about Robert Hatcher “You look like a star, You sang like a star, You’re a star,” Sharon Osbourne. “All you have to do is come out and smile, but you back that up with the talent,” David HasselHoff “This guy is what we called an unpolished diamond,” Pierce Morgan “You’re the finest thing ever to come out of the Cincinnati sewer,” Jerry SpringerRobert Hatcher founded The Rob Hatcher Agency in the fall of 2010, where his purpose in life became to help other people their purpose. Since founding The Rob Hatcher Agency, he has signed Grammy Award winning artists along side several TV personalities and continues to soar in the  entertainment industry.

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Keren Meceira

Aerial Dragon/Fire Dancer

Keren's Mom is an artist and her father a musician. Coming for this amazing talented people she started in the show business since she was in 2nd grade. she develop a love for Acting, dancing and modeling. Until she she started as a dancer and Assistant at the Martin España Show. She wanted to learn all the acts at the show. After 5 years of working in the circus she went to college for Education in Theater. she had two kids and stay local for 10 years acting and doing circus for private events. In 2011 she created her own company of entertainment. Then she came back in  2013 to work in the circus until now. Circus is her passion and she is Very Happy to perform the Aerial Dragon at the Super American Circus.

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Luciano Anastasini


Luciano came to the United States in 1980 to perform with Circus Vargas, then the country's largest traveling circus under canvas.

Giovanni and Luciano did their Risley act, and they also performed with their parents in the family's diabolo act. The Anastasinis  continued to perform in various American circuses. In time, Luciano and Giovanni parted, Luciano creating a rambunctious dog act, with which he was featured notably with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey and the Big Apple Circus,

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